Halloween Tournament 10/28


This is a one day soccer event.  Each team will receive at least 3 games.  Trophies/medals for all first and second place teams in age groups u11 and older.

u8/u9/u10 will play 7 v 7, size 4 ball, 20 minute halves

u11/u12 will play 9 v 9, size 4 ball, 20 minute halves

u13/u14/u15 will play 11 v 11, size 5 ball, 25 minute halves


This is a fun Halloween tournament.  Teams are encouraged but not required to wear team costumes and participate in the best costume event.  If teams choose to wear costumes during game play, the costume must all match each member of the team in color and general appearance.  The costume must not have anything hanging or dangling off, or in any way be possibly deemed unsafe or inappropriate for game play by the referee's or tournament committee.

For questions please email Tournament Director Erik Meyers at [email protected]




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